Henningsen Cold Storage


As one of the largest public refrigerated warehousing companies in the U.S., Henningsen Cold Storage delivers award-winning refrigerated logistics through a national warehouse network totaling more than 42 million cubic feet of multi-temperature controlled storage (-20 to +60). Our network, together with our transportation management services, translates to coast-to-coast reliability as we serve the production and distribution needs of local, regional, national and international clients. We offer a full complement of warehousing and logistics services... our team of professionals is committed and accountable to your satisfaction. Whether you need freezer, cooler and dry storage: transportation management services: blast and room freezing, cross-docking, transloading, import/export services or distribution, you can relax... You're with Henningsen.

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Phone: (503) 359-1100
Fax: (503) 359-1109
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4124 24th Avenue
Forest Grove, OR 97116